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About Us

Twindent is a family business located in Sweden. We have manufactured and distributed Twinkles since 1998 to dentists all over the world.

Stockholm Waterfastival
It all started as a part-time project, in our dental clinic, and a year later grow to the extent that we closed the clinic to focus on the Twinkles business adventure. First we researched the Swedish dental community and was very well received. Fun, innovative and non-invasive. Many dental professionals wanted their own Twinkles. The summer came with the (at the time huge), Stockholm water festival. We managed to get a last minute cancellation and found ourselves with a booth on a bridge next to the royal castle. Our plan was to sell the jewelry over the counter, but in case someone wanted it bonded on site (!) we prepared ourselves with a chair and what is still our out-of-clinic procedure. We had to add one more chair the next day and out dentist and hygienist bonded about 700 Twinkles during the 9 day festival !  SUCCESS!! 

We continued our expansion exhibiting at the IDS ,the worlds largest bi-annual dental convention, in Cologne, Germany, and on the ADA, Chicago Midwinter, NYC, YourADHA, etc. Soon the dental community know Twinkles well but our largest challenge remained. How to reach the end consumer?

About 10 years ago I decided to change focus from dental conventions to social media. Now we are present on them all and as social media expands we get closer to our customers, both our professionals and end consumer, and whoever you are :-)

While growing up my children have helped with all aspects of my business, from packing jewelry to graphic design. 

Thank you for reading my story, I hope you enjoy our new shop and please communicate any suggestions of functionality or products.

Much love

Founder of Twindent and the Twinkles brand 



Today, over 20 years later, we are still working with what we love the most, tooth jewelry. But to day Lotta has retired and I, Emma, have taking over the business to nourish and to love. And together with my staff I happily do this every day. 
To all of you, from us at Twindent
- Thank you and Happy Smiling!

/ Emma Malm Ekström 

CEO at - Twindent AB

Twindent AB
Registration number: 556626-9485

Falks väg 15b
182 54 Djursholm

Phone:+46 855502030



Twindent's business idea;

We offer the safe exclusive tooth jewelry to sparkle up your smile.




Twindent supports Maiti Nepal in their crusade against trafficking.

tell the world about my girls

Maiti Nepal is an organisation crusading for the prevention of girl trafficking, rescue, rehabilitation, integration of survivors of trafficking. 

"Please tell the world about my girls."
-Anuradha Koirala

If you wear a Twinkles you can be proud you have also contributed