Twinkles combines the timeless elegance of diamonds with the cutting edge fashion of body art.

What is a Twinkles? Page up
Twinkles is specially designed to bond firmly to the surface of the tooth. Made of 22-24k gold or 18k white gold set with diamonds or precious stones covering 1/4 - 1/3 of the surface - tiny and elegant it will enhance your smile without risk if damage or allergies. The diamonds we use are brilliant cut Wesselton SI 0,01 ct in all models except model round 0,02 ct

How is a Twinkles attached? Page up
For a durable bonding Twinkles are glued with a dental composite glue by a professional. We do not supply glue with the gem as this is already available in the clinic. The bonding procedure is similar to bonding an orthodontic bracket, which leaves the tooth intact and allows an easy removal. The gold setting is made with a slightly curved back to follow the shape of the tooth. The adhesive is applied by the dental professional to the tooth, the gem set in place and light cured for 60 seconds to harden the composite. The wearer may feel the Twinkles during the first few days of attachment. However, he or she will quickly get used to the presence of the gem. They are small and flat, designed to be barley felt..

Does Twinkles come with the glue to attach it? Page up
No, the gems does not come with the glue because there is no do-it-yourself procedure that works for any length of time. Bonding dental jewelry is a fast and easy procedure that can be performed by any dentist or dental hygienist using the materials already available in the clinic. The adhesive is applied to the tooth, the gem set in place and light cured for 60 seconds to harden the composite. Some clinics are listed on our map - If you don't find a clinic near you refer your dentist or dental hygienist to our web site for information.

How much does is cost? Page up
We only sell the gem and your professional will charge for bonding it to your tooth. Some dentist also provides the gem.

Are there any guarantees? Page up
Please note that Twindent cannot guarantee the professional bonding, you have to inquire about guarantees at your local clinic. Twindent guarantee the diamond in the Twinkles for 3 years.

How long will the Twinkles stay on the tooth Page up
A Twinkles mounted according to our instructions on a natural tooth (will not stick to porcelinecaps) will stay on until you decide to have it removed. We who had braces know they leave no mark on the tooth. Nice and easy, let it sparkle as long as you like then just ask your dentist to polish off your Twinkles… or keep it and enhance your smile for many years

Why are there no plain diamonds without gold? Page up
The diamond is shaped like a cone in order to create the well known sparkle. We set the diamond in gold to create a flat surface in the back in order to attach it to the tooth. The alternative would be to drill a hole in the tooth and that is what we want to avoid.

What makes the crystals sparkle? Page up
Twinkles crystals are made of glass and the flat back is surfaced with a foil to create a diamond-like spark. The durability is inferior to the gold and diamonds, due to the construction of the foil/glass.

Will the jewel harm the tooth? Page up
No. The Twinkles is bonded to the surface of the enamel like an orthodontic bracket. No drilling or permanent change.

How do I remove a Twinkles? Page up
Removal should be performed by a dental professional. Removal is done by the dentist in the same manner braces are removed – the gem is polished off and will leave no visible mark on the tooth.

Will Twinkles impede dental hygiene? Page up
No, the presence of the Twinkles will encourage brushing, since it brings more attention to the smile. You will also chew and have your teeth professionally cleaned as usual. The area underneath the Twinkles is sealed and will not be open for any bacteria..
Is it allowed to peform this procedure on a minor? Page up
There are no restrictions but you should always obtain parental acceptance before bonding a Twinkles on a minor.


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No pain, just fun, in 5 minutes you'll have a brilliant cut diamond set in 24 k gold sparkling on your tooth.

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