Twindent is a family business located in Sweden. We have manufactured and distributed Twinkles since 1998 to dentists all over the world.

Our business idea;

We offer the safe exclusive jewel to give you a reason to smile.

To all of you, from us at Twindent
- Thank you and Happy Smiling!

Lotta Loberg

Owner and Founder - Twindent AB

Fleminggatan 35
11226 Stockholm

Twindent supports Maiti Nepal in their crusade against trafficking.

Maiti Nepal is an organisation crusading for the prevention of girl trafficking, rescue, rehabilitation, integration of survivors of trafficking. Maiti Nepal girls.

"Please tell the world about my girls."
-Anuradha Koirala

Why Maiti Nepal?

Mrs Anuradha Koirala has created a home for girls, victims of trafficking and also prevented many from ever ending up as prostitutes.

For her brave and courageous efforts, Anuradha Koirala has been recognized internationally and honored with numerous awards including CNN Hero of the Year 2010, Global Peace Governor Award and The United Nations Women’s Organization Prize and Courage of Conscience Award.

Maiti is just a small detail in the crusade against one of the world’s most evil but she has made enormous difference for the girls they have helped. Read more on

If you wear a Twinkles you can be proud you have also contributed