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Twinkles is the new thing to give you a reason to smile.

Bonding tooth gems is a turnkey concept for the dental or beauty professional. Designed by a dental professional Twinkles bonds like an ortho bracket to the surface of the tooth.

With Twinkles wholesale program you will receive 15% discount on all gold jewelries and crystals in 5- and 6-pack. (Preciosa wholesale packs and professional products are already set at wholesale prices)  

To add the service to your dental clinic, download the instructions, check you have the composites in house and the order your Twinkles and the free marketing materials and you are set to go with your new service..

For beauty salons and parlours, already operating according to local sanitary and health rules we offer the comprehensive kit 

See our 6 min Instruction Video, and you are set to go with your new service.

Special Procedures when bonding Crystals as tooth jewelry.

The crystals have a foil backing on a flat back. This is necessary to create the reflections that we like. This construction is not as durable as the precious jewels and we have experienced the glass crystal separating from the foil.
To avoid this, the sides of the glass has to be bonded also.

To achieve this you can place the crystal in the flow and push it around with the top of the probe to get flow on the sides. Then turn the probe and use the rounded side to push the crystal lightly flush against the enamel before light curing. Be careful not to get flow on top of the crystal as this will dim the spark. We have also heard of customers who cover the whole crystal with bonding as a last measure.

Due to the different quality level of these two products (crystals and Twinkles gold/white gold) we recommend a shorter guarantee period for the crystals, 3 month. Real gold we recommend 6 -12 month but by experience, they will stay on the tooth until removed.

The color of the crystals might be affected by dental whitening.

The crystals we market are Crystals by Swarovski manufactured by Swarovski.

Download easy to follow bonding instructions.

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For Salons we offer a complete system for dental jewelry application. 

The procedure of bonding dental jewelry is safe, easy and takes only 10-15 minutes of your scheduled time. With the Twinkles system you can provide a good and lasting service to your clients. The Kit contain a detailed instruction of the procedure in addition to the video shown here.

The Salon Start Kit contains all the necessary products and materials for bonding dental jewelry to the tooth in any beauty salon environment.

Find more on the Business start kit in our accessories section.