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Sparkle up your valentine's day with tooth gems


Safe | High quality | Painless | Reversible

Tooth gems, or dental jewelry, are a just a perfect and probably unexpected gift for your beloved one on Valentine's Day. Or why not treat yourself with a special gift? 

How to make it a special gift: 
1. Buy your loved one tooth jewelry.
2. Head to a dental clinic (or a skilled tattoo or beauty salon) for a seamless bonding experience.
3. Done!

Bonus: Add gift wrapping to your order, and we will prepare it for you. It looks just lovely when your valentine opens it.

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☑️Tooth gems does not harm your teeth.

☑️They are semi permanent, and can stay on for 6-12 months, or longer!

☑️Tooth jewelry can be bonded to the tooth by any dentist, or a trained salon.

☑️You will smile more with tooth gems! Smiling makes you look more attractive :)

Safe shipping

Worldwide shipping with postal service, DHL, UPS and Fedex.

Safe quality products

Always solid 18-24 carat gold, and lead-free crystals.

Customer service

We are available from monday to friday to answer your questions.

Secure payment

Your payment information is processed securely, with credit card, PayPal, and local alternatives.

Add some gift wraping

Add gift wrapping to you order, and we will prepare it so it looks just lovely when you valentine opens it.

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Not sure what to buy?

Do you want to buy your friend or loved one a gift? Then Tooth jewelry is a perfect way to show your love. 

But a tooth gem is something very personal and can stay on for many years, so the lucky one may wish to choose the design him / herself. Our gift card is then the perfect gift!

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find a bonding clinic

Bonding dental jewelry is fast and easy and can be performed by any dentist or dental hygienist. Here in our clinic locator you can find a local bonding clinic and resellers of Twinkles. If you don't find a clinic near you, please refer your dentist or dental hygienist to our bonding instruction page here on our website.

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1-3 weeks to ship to USA/ world - order now!

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