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Artículo: Las joyas dentales: costos, tendencias & consejos de moda

How to wear diamond tooth gems: cost, trends, & fashion tips

Las joyas dentales: costos, tendencias & consejos de moda

Las mujeres llevan joyas de diamantes desde hace miles de años, desde anillos y collares elaborados hasta cetros y tiaras reales. Ahora, muchas de nuestras clientas compran gemas dentales de diamante para añadir un toque elegante a sus hermosas sonrisas.

Twinkles tooth gem jewelry 18 k white gold Heart with diamond

Twinkles Heart Diamond Tooth Gem - 18K White Gold
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If you are interested in wearing diamond tooth jewelry, this post will help you find the best products. Here are a few reasons why we at Twinkles love our diamond tooth gems so much:


A luxurious choice that’s good for your wallet

Unlike our crystal tooth gems, which are made from expertly crafted Swarovski ® crystals, diamond tooth gems are made from the rarest of precious stones. What decides the quality and then the price of a diamond? They are graded in the 4 C’s: cut, carat, color, and clearness.If you want to know more about the rating you can easily google it. We use brilliant-cut diamonds with 0,01 or 0,02 carat Wesselton SI, so your tooth jewelry will always sparkle and shine in a fantastic way.

Twinkles tooth gem jewelry 22k gold Diamond

Twinkles Diamond Tooth Gem - 22K Gold
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Large, ornate diamond jewelry can cost thousands of dollars, but diamond tooth gems are far more affordable. A Twinkles diamond tooth gem costs between $50-$100 USD, making them the perfect accessory for any budget.

Here are some of our favourite products:

Star with Diamond>>
Round with Diamond 0.02ct White Gold>>
Droplet with Diamond>>

Fun Fact: What makes brilliant-cut diamonds unique? Each precious stone is chiseled into a multi-sided cone, casting light in many directions whenever they are moved! ????

So, one question that often comes up; why are there no plain diamonds Twinkles without gold around it? The diamond is shaped like a cone in order to create the well-known sparkle. We set the diamond in gold to create a flat surface in the back in order to attach it to the tooth. The alternative would be to drill a hole in the tooth, and no one should harm their teeth in that way.

You Can Take Your Diamond Anywhere

Diamonds last forever, and our diamond tooth gems can be worn almost forever if they are applied properly and maintained by their wearers. Make sure that your diamond tooth jewelry is bonded to your teeth by a professional – DIY kits can have disastrous results, so we always recommend that you visit a tooth gem clinic to have them applied by a dentist, dental hygienist, qualified tattooist, or participating beauty salon.

Click here to find a tooth gem clinic in your area! >>

These professionals know how to make your jewelry stand out, and will protect your teeth from any damage that an improper application can cause. With the right care, your diamond tooth gem will enhance your smile for years to come!

The Best Tooth Gems For Your Smile

Twinkles offers a wide range of high-quality tooth gems,
from expertly crafted Swarovski ® crystal rounds to 24K gold gems.
Shop now to find the best accessories for your smile!

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