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Twinkles bonding guide

Twinkles can only be bonded to a live tooth.

Twinkles tooth gem 1

1. Make sure you and your patient are in agreement of exactly where to place the Twinkles. Prepare the tooth for bonding like any resin retained restoration. In salons clean with a moist cotton roll.

Twinkles tooth gem bondning 2

2. Apply Etch on an area slightly larger than the gem being mounted. Leave for 20 seconds. Wipe off the gel with a moist cotton roll and in a downward motion. Clean thoroughly with a wet roll to moisten the surface. Secure that all the etch is removed and does not come in contact with the gum. With a dry cotton roll wipe the tooth dry until you get a white frosty surface. This is vital to achieve a firm attachment. If you do not get the frosty surface, repeat the procedure.

Twinkles tooth gem bonding 3

3. Apply a thin layer of the Bonding with the micro brush to the frosty area. Dab with a cotton roll fast and light to remove any excess. 

Twinkles tooth gem bonding 4

4. Apply a thin layer flowable composite onto the tooth covering the etched area.

Twinkles tooth gem bonding 5

5. Put a small amount of vaseline on the tip of a probe or use the revers end of the micro brush dipped in vaseline. Pick up the gem by gently pressing at the front of the jewel. Do not use tweezers. Place the Twinkles in the flow and twist the probe slightly to loosen it. Use the probe to position the gem correctly where you and your client agreed upon. Push the gem gently around in the flow to cover the side of the gem. Use the backside of the probe to press the gem lightly against the enamel. 

Twinkles tooth gem bonding 6

6. Smooth out excess material around the jewel with the probe. Leave composite thicker at the edge of the jewel, gradually thinning it out away from the edge. This creates a mechanical lock. When bonding dental crystals it is imperative to bond the side of the glass to prevent the glass from separating from the foil backing. This is best done by pushing the crystal around in the flow before pressing it in place against the enamel.

Twinkles tooth gem bonding 7

7. Press to make sure the jewel is in contact with the enamel. Light cure from the lingual surface of the tooth 20 sec. Finish curing from all angles on the labial surface. 20 sec. each angle.


Download easy to follow bonding instructions.

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Removal technique

Approach removal same way as removing a bracket from a tooth. Polish off all composite. Pumice and polish
the tooth. Note: do not remove enamel, just bonding agent.


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