We started the trend in Sweden 15 years ago by offering Twinkles and bonding on site on a 9 day street festival downtown Stockholm.

Twinkles first appearance

Our booth at Stockholm Water Festival. People crowded around to find out what was going on. The sign does leave a lot to be desired..

At the festival we bonded 100 Twinkles per day and kick started our still flourishing tooth jewelry company Twindent.

I still held a job in the operational department of an airline, quite a conservative environment, especially when it came to body fashion. There was a rumor going around that one first officer had a pierced nipple and drove a motorbike. The MC was the only thing we could confirm. I had a star with a diamond placed on my canine. No one noticed. Was I a bore and never smiled at work? I guess I was overworked with two jobs.

It is said the eyes and smile is what we first notice in a person. A week later at a dinner one of my superiors was sitting on my left and as we talked I smiled. He looked at the star on my tooth and his comment “looks great” confirmed that this was ok even at this workplace.

Often I experienced people seeing my gem but being too shy to ask. I enjoyed them staring in some unnoticeable manner, as if that was possible. My Twinkles turned out to be quite a conversation piece. I often notice tooth gems on people on town and it makes me smile.