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Um zu entscheiden wo das Juwehl platziert werden soll, lächeln Sie ein bisschen und beachten Sie wie viel Zahn Sie zeigen.
Das Twinkles sollte auch sichtbar sein wenn Sie ein charmantes Lächeln aufsetzen. Die Platzierung an den Fontzähnen macht es immer sichtbar und wird nicht belastet sein kauen harten Lebensmitteln wie Fleisch und Obst.
Zeigen Sie mit einer Sonde auf den Punkt wo es platziert werden soll um sicher zu stellen das es der Platz ist den Sie wollen.
Ich würde empfehlen es ein bisschen außerhalb der Mitte zu platzieren, vorne oder hinten je nach welcher Zahn es ist, und auf der unteren Hälfte.

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Bonding Tooth Jewelry is a 5 min procedure and can be done by a RDH in most states.

Profitability is good, especially if combined with other treatments. Swedish state clinics charges $50 for a procedure, excluding the price of the jewel.
WSDHA has concluded that bonding Twinkles is not a procedure altering the stucture of the tooth. Therefore this is a procedure that can be performed by a dental hygienist.

Twinkles gold setting is made with a slightly curved back to follow the shape of the tooth. A bonding procedure using etch, bond and flow would last several years, or until polished off. Complete instructions and a video can be seen on our website.

We recommend clinics to give a 6 month warranty on their work to secure client satisfaction, but experience show they will stay on for years. We guarantee the diamond setting for three years.

Some clinics carry a small stock of Twinkles at hand, other refer the patients to our website for purchase. Dental professionals receive a 15% discount on jewelry in our webstore.

Do you have any plans of introducing this service? We supply brochures for your clinic to test the interest. Why not wear one yourself?

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The Twinkles Start

23.09.2015 14:16

We started the trend in Sweden 15 years ago by offering Twinkles and bonding on site on a 9 day street festival downtown Stockholm.

Twinkles first appearance

Our booth at Stockholm Water Festival. People crowded around to find out what was going on. The sign does leave a lot to be desired..

At the festival we bonded 100 Twinkles per day and kick started our still flourishing tooth jewelry company Twindent.

I still held a job in the operational department of an airline, quite a conservative environment, especially when it came to body fashion. There was a rumor going around that one first officer had a pierced nipple and drove a motorbike. The MC was the only thing we could confirm. I had a star with a diamond placed on my canine. No one noticed. Was I a bore and never smiled at work? I guess I was overworked with two jobs.

It is said the eyes and smile is what we first notice in a person. A week later at a dinner one of my superiors was sitting on my left and as we talked I smiled. He looked at the star on my tooth and his comment “looks great” confirmed that this was ok even at this workplace.

Often I experienced people seeing my gem but being too shy to ask. I enjoyed them staring in some unnoticeable manner, as if that was possible. My Twinkles turned out to be quite a conversation piece. I often notice tooth gems on people on town and it makes me smile.

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