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11/3/2016 10:47 PM

 If you like Twinkles, why not spread the word?


Twinkling Teeth Are A Thing and Twinkles is the best product on the market.

WRITE A BLOGPOST,  post a picture and write a review on your blog and provide the product link to our web page so people can find it easier.

FACEBOOK TASK: Take a selfie with the product, and post a status update to your Facebook followers with link to your blog post and a link directly to our webpage.

INSTAGRAM TASK: Take a selfie with the product. Add the selfie, with agreed # and tag our handle in the post.

Send us an email for more information.  


6/21/2016 12:04 PM

Would you like the Millennials to step in to your office?

Are you missing of on the youngsters who stopped seeing a dentist when the parent’s insurance coverage ended? Catch their attention by promoting Twinkles tooth gems and offer a free checkup. Describe your service on your website and social media. Download copy and creative from bit.ly/1iZyeBt. And don’t forget to order our free brochures and permit us to list your clinic our map.

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To decide where to place the jewel, ask your client to smile a little and pay attention to how much of the teeth are showing.
The Twinkles should be visible only when you flash a charming smile. A front tooth placement makes it visible all the time and subject to strain when biting in to hard food like meats and fruit.
Point with a probe to the spot to ensure you are in agreement with your patient on where to place it. I like to suggest placement a little off center, front or back depending on which tooth used, and on the lower half.

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New Models

10/4/2015 5:39 PM

We can now introduce the Star of David 22k gold or 18k white gold.


The size is 3,8 mm diameter and 0,5 mm thick with a slightly curved backside to fit snug on your tooth

Would you like this with a diamond in the middle too? Please cast your vote for the new models in the community poll. Or give us some more good input on new models you desire.

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Bonding Tooth Jewelry is a 5 min procedure and can be done by a RDH in most states.

Profitability is good, especially if combined with other treatments. Swedish state clinics charges $50 for a procedure, excluding the price of the jewel.
WSDHA has concluded that bonding Twinkles is not a procedure altering the stucture of the tooth. Therefore this is a procedure that can be performed by a dental hygienist.

Twinkles gold setting is made with a slightly curved back to follow the shape of the tooth. A bonding procedure using etch, bond and flow would last several years, or until polished off. Complete instructions and a video can be seen on our website.

We recommend clinics to give a 6 month warranty on their work to secure client satisfaction, but experience show they will stay on for years. We guarantee the diamond setting for three years.

Some clinics carry a small stock of Twinkles at hand, other refer the patients to our website for purchase. Dental professionals receive a 15% discount on jewelry in our webstore.

Do you have any plans of introducing this service? We supply brochures for your clinic to test the interest. Why not wear one yourself?

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The Twinkles Start

9/23/2015 2:16 PM

We started the trend in Sweden 15 years ago by offering Twinkles and bonding on site on a 9 day street festival downtown Stockholm.

Twinkles first appearance

Our booth at Stockholm Water Festival. People crowded around to find out what was going on. The sign does leave a lot to be desired..

At the festival we bonded 100 Twinkles per day and kick started our still flourishing tooth jewelry company Twindent.

I still held a job in the operational department of an airline, quite a conservative environment, especially when it came to body fashion. There was a rumor going around that one first officer had a pierced nipple and drove a motorbike. The MC was the only thing we could confirm. I had a star with a diamond placed on my canine. No one noticed. Was I a bore and never smiled at work? I guess I was overworked with two jobs.

It is said the eyes and smile is what we first notice in a person. A week later at a dinner one of my superiors was sitting on my left and as we talked I smiled. He looked at the star on my tooth and his comment “looks great” confirmed that this was ok even at this workplace.

Often I experienced people seeing my gem but being too shy to ask. I enjoyed them staring in some unnoticeable manner, as if that was possible. My Twinkles turned out to be quite a conversation piece. I often notice tooth gems on people on town and it makes me smile.

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